Step 2:   Hammer Shake


Using your ring and pinkie fingers,
hold the outer ball in your palm
as the string wraps around the back
of three of your fingers.


Shake your arm back and forth
as if you were hammering a nail
into a wall.


Step 3:   Basic Rhythm


While shaking, open your hand
and release the bottom ball
with your ring and pinkie fingers.
The trick is to NOT STOP SHAKING!!
If you maintain the "hammer shake",
the outer ball will naturally
swing back and forth, making contact
with the ball in your palm.

NOTE! At this point, there is no need
to twist your forearm back and forth.
Focus on maintaining the "hammer shake",
and let the balls take care of themselves.

This is the basic rhythm of the Kosika.

To see slow motion video of other styles,
visit our Video page.


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